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"International Mother Earth Day is an opportunity to highlight the interdependence between people and the surprising variety of species with which we share our planet," said Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General in 2016.

The Sacred Mother Earth of the Indigenous Mayangnas of Nicaragua

The Indigenous Mayangna people live in tune with nature. In the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua, with the imposing and green presence of the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, the Mayangnas honor the land and describe it as the most valuable, especially on this International Earth Day. “Mother Earth is sacred because it is where there is life.…
Starting in June, the first trees that will be part of the new ecological project of MLR Forestal will begin to be planted.

MLR Forestal will be a pioneer in ecological restoration in Nicaragua

The agroforestry company will carry out strategic actions to accelerate the process of ecological restoration of its conservation areas
In MLR Forestal you can also find the lentinus crinitus, it belongs to the Polyporaceae family, it comes from the Greek words polis which means many and porus which means pores. This refers to the composition of the hymenium of the species, the hymenium is what is under the cap and is where they have the spore sacs.

22 species of macrofungi have made their home in MLR Forestal

The fungi kingdom develops in the soils of MLR Forestal. The macrofungi grow there, vital for the health of the forests.
In MLR Forestal, in addition to teak trees, there is a wide variety of fruit trees that provide food and shelter for the monkeys.

Curiosities of the howler monkey and spider monkey, the kings of the trees in MLR Forestal

The congo (howler) monkey and the spider monkey are the two species of monkey that inhabit the lands of MLR Forestal. Both can be found with the naked eye, if you look carefully at the top of the trees or if you listen to the intense sound emitted by the howler, also known as congo.…
Currently, on MLR Forestal lands, there are 1,239 hectares planted with cocoa shaded with teak.

Finca El Chingo: the cradle of MLR Forestal cocoa in Bonanza

The El Chingo farm located in Bonanza, with its 77 productive hectares, is the cradle of MLR Forestal cocoa in that area of the country because it was the first in that place where the company cultivated this grain, from which, in 2021, only in Bonanza, were obtained forty tons. In El Chingo, working with…
By 2022, MLR Forestal has planned to afforest 251.34 hectares, eighty of which correspond to the San Miguel farm.

Finca San Miguel of MLR Forestal: from devastated land to a green future

The blow of hurricanes Eta and Iota in November 2020 devastated the eighty hectares of forest plantations of the San Miguel farm of MLR Forestal. This farm, located in the community of the same name in the rural area of Siuna, is currently a symbol of resilience, teamwork and faith in the future; because despite…