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La asamblea comunitaria reunida en la Escuela La Esperanza de Bethel II vota para ratificar a sus líderes.

Community Assemblies 2024: MLR Forestal and its neighbors shake hands for another year

The classroom today is full. This time there are not only children, but also teenagers, adults, the elderly. Men and women. All in a respectful and attentive silence, interrupted at times by a hand raised to ask a question or to comment on something. It is the community assembly of MLR Forestal. The time of…
El mielero patirrojo (Cyanerpes cyaneus) fue una de las especies observadas durante el Día Mundial de las aves migratorias. Fue identificado en la finca Labú.

Wings in Motion: Forest MLR on World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day at MLR Forestal began at five o’clock in the morning, included a tour of seven MLR Forestal farms on the North Caribbean Coast and ended with 85 species of birds observed. This is how this commemorative day is summarized around the Global Big Day (GBD), the largest simultaneous global event for…
Children from the San Francisco de Asís school in the San Miguel community pose with their toys and the welcome poster they made for the company.

MLR Forestal delivers toys to children in neighboring communities to combat school dropouts

This year, toys were delivered to 380 children from schools in six communities, this is a contribution to reduce school dropout
The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is held annually from December 14 to January 5. These are dates that never change regardless of the day of the week they fall on.

The second Christmas Bird Count organized by MLR Forestal will be held on December 14th

MLR Forestry's first participation in the 2022 Christmas Bird Count was a success: 59 species were listed.
The Christmas Bat Count began in 2012 as an initiative of the Costa Rican Bat Conservation Program and takes place in fields, parks and archaeological sites.

MLR Forestal will participate for the first time in the Christmas Bat Count

This activity is organized by the Program for the Conservation of Bats of Nicaragua (PCMN) and has been carried out for twelve years.
This is the first time that MLR Forestal has been certified for chain of custody (CoC), whose seal is valid for five years from October 2023 to October 2028.

FSC certifies MLR Forestal’s chain of custody of its teak products

The seal guarantees that the company produces in a clean, orderly, optimized manner and taking into account the health and safety of its workers.