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Rent a Pallet is the regional leader in pallet rental services. "I give great value to the fact that the wood comes well measured, the cut is made according to our technical specifications and that means that the quality of our product is respected, since the piece that MLR Forestal sells us represents an important replacement for the pallet to continue working," says Jurgen Flores, country manager, about MLR Forestal's product.

Rent a Pallet and MLR Forestal: a commercial relationship based on quality

Since March, Rent a Pallet has been acquiring wood from MLR Forestal, it qualifies the experience as "definitely good" and praises the precision of the cuts of the teak it receives.
This year's work has consisted of enriching the areas made up of tacotales, scattered trees, slopes and natural drainages.

Reforestation and biodiversity gain ground with ecological restoration at MLR Forestal

Ecological restoration is a reforestation plan to accelerate the regeneration of biodiversity in conservation areas.
To get to her community, Diecelna must travel two hours by bus and then walk an hour and a half.

Diecelna Meza, the young single mother who works on the cocoa plantations of MLR Forestal

This young single mother speaks Mayangna, Miskito and Spanish, making it easier for her to communicate with her peers in the cocoa plantations
La asamblea comunitaria reunida en Ispayulilna vota

Historic agreement between Mayangna communities of the Matumbak territory and MLR Forestal

The nine Mayangna communities, the GTI and MLR Forestal, carried out the transfer of ownership and its improvements through a CPLI protocol
El cacao de MLR Forestal es certificado por Rain

MLR Forestal develops new cocoa profiles to expand markets

The sustained growth in cocoa production at MLR Forestal has led the company to innovation. In the words of Franklin Talavera, head of postharvest, “protocols and processes are being developed that allow us to generate new flavor and aroma profiles for the search for markets. The company is growing in volume and we must think…
The Macrocybe titans (Giant Mushroom) is an edible species and was located at the Danlí farm.

The largest macrofungal species in Central America lives in MLR Forestal

The macrofungus Macrocybe titans is edible, can reach more than 80 centimeters high and was found on the Danlí farm.