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The community assembly was held at the school of Empalme La Bú.

Empalme La Bú and MLR Forestal: the company’s relationship with its closest neighbors

During the community assemblies, held in April, one of the main points was the ratification of community leaders.
The trainings will cover San Miguel #1, Unión La Bú, Bethel #2, Empalme La Bú and the neighbors of Mutiwas, Waylawas, Tadazna and Waspado.

MLR Forestal trains neighboring communities in prevention of natural disasters

Fidel Sequeira, a resident of the Bethel #2 community in Siuna, recalls that as Hurricane Eta (which hit the Caribbean in November 2020) approached, “people didn’t think anything was going to happen.” And yet, it happened. So, he joined to support his community. “I was the coordinator of the brigade that was formed with the…
The vision of ecological restoration that MLR Forestal is undertaking is framed both in the medium and long term.

The Biodiversity Consultancy visits and trains MLR Forestal for the advancement of its ecological restoration project

The international Finance Corporation’s (IFC) eight Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability are an international reference that for companies like MLR Forestal represent a fundamental component of their environmental and social risk management. Performance Standard 6, as cited by the IFC, “recognizes that the protection and conservation of biodiversity, the maintenance of ecosystem services,…
On April 21, 2022, the community assembly was held at the multigrade school of San Miguel.

MLR Forestal and the San Miguel community will continue to work hand in hand

Near the community of San Miguel there is a farm of the same name with a particular history. This eighty-hectare plot of land, owned by MLR Forestal, was razed in November 2020, by hurricanes Eta and Iota. From the small multigrade school in the town, the young teak trees were knocked down and then the…
For this 20 May 2022, FAO is organizing a virtual event on the theme "Commitment to bees: rebuilding for the benefit of bees".

World Bee Day, key insects for human survival

A small bee carrying pollen from one flower to another is fundamental for the human being to continue existing on planet Earth, why? Because, as the United Nations (UN) reports: Pollination is a fundamental process for the survival of ecosystems as essential for the production and reproduction of many wild crops and plants. Nearly 90…

MLR Forestal and the Bethel #2 community strengthen their ties

The Bethel #2 community, neighbor of MLR Forestal, turned to the community assembly convened by the company. The call was open to all the inhabitants of the community, receiving a participation of more than seventy people who gathered at the school of the town. The community assemblies are part of MLR Forestal’s relationship plan with…