Conservation Areas

As of 2022, we have started an ecological restoration process that consists of reforestation with native plants produced in our nursery, of more than 550 hectares over the next 10 years.

These areas are part of the 1,425.24 hectares destined for conservation areas but where natural regeneration has needed the helping hand of MLR Forestal.

Also in 2022 Verra granted us the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certification that guarantees the positive impact of the reforestation that MLR has carried out in its plantations and conservation areas that will facilitate the elimination of greenhouse gases (GHG).

At least 1,100,000 tons of CO2 will be removed during the lifetime of the project.

These offsets reduce scope 3 GHG emissions that occur in the customer's value chain.

Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions that occur in the customer's value chain related to upstream and downstream emissions.

protection area
protection area-lm

Corporate Strategy for Ecological Restoration

In 2022, the Corporate Strategy for Ecological Restoration for the next ten years was approved and initiated, and it is expected to generate net gains in all biodiversity indicators. This strategy, among other things, aims to repopulate at least 550 ha. of gallery forests that will have a notable impact on the increase of flora and fauna within the properties of MLR Forestal.

The process envisages planting 55 ha. yearly. Planting began in July 2022 with the reforestation of 11 ha. on the Matiz farm and concluded in December with the reforestation of 44 ha. at Finca Santa Fe. The plants were produced in the MLR nursery, where at least 8,000 native plants were produced for different ecosystem purposes that serve as feeders, umbrellas and wildlife hosts.

By the end of 2023, we will have produced in our nursery 10,000 more native plants and at least 120 ha. will have been reforested with native species.

Once these sites have been reforested, they will be subject to biodiversity monitoring to evaluate the process of restoration and increase of this, using the proposed methodology.