Inicio | Nine youngsters from Mayangna communities become part of the MLR Forestal

Nine youngsters from Mayangna communities become part of the MLR Forestal

2 March, 2022
The nine new workers of MLR Forestal while receiving initial training.
The nine new workers of MLR Forestal while receiving initial training.

As of this month of March, nine Mayangna families have a new source of income. MLR, through the Community Relationship Agreement and the 2022 Annual Operating Plan, has hired nine youngsters from the territory. They are seven men and two women from the Mayangna communities of Mukuswas, Mahalwas, Santa María and Ibanwas, who already work in the company’s infrastructure and cocoa areas.

For some of the young people it was the first time that they traveled from their communities to Siuna, so between MLR and the Indigenous Territorial Government (GTI) there was a process of coordination and communication so that they would travel accompanied by the second vice president of the GTI, Mr. Roger Taylor.

This is how a new working life begins

“We received them, all nine met with the head of the cocoa area, who told them about their main tasks and also with the person in charge of Human Resources, who explained to them what the benefits of working in MLR were,” said. Mabel Lazo Quino, head of Social Management.

The Mayangna collaborators filled out the documentation for their contracts at the company’s offices.

The head of Social Management also commented that these young people from the Mayangna communities will be working indefinitely. Possibly for the next fifteen days another group of indigenous youth will start working at MLR Forestal.

“Some of the boys have studied at URACCAN – a university with which the company has an agreement – others have previously worked in cocoa. This knowledge and practice will help them a lot in the territory and with their family,” Lazo pointed out.

About the 2022 Annual Operating Plan

Pansuhwas, Mukuswas and Ispayulilna, the three Mayangna communities that signed the relationship agreement with MLR in 2021, have approved the 2022 Annual Operating Plan (POA) . The POA was presented in December to the Indigenous Territorial Government (GTI) and to the authorities of each community. At the beginning of February, it was presented for ratification in each locality.

Some activities proposed in the POA for 2022 are: training for community authorities and leaders on issues such as Human Rights, indigenous rights, Law 445 (Communal Property Regime for Indigenous Peoples), Law 28 (Autonomy Regime), prevention of environmental crimes, leadership and community development.

For some of them this is their first work experience outside of their home communities.

Pursuant to the agreement, the company will continue to provide technical assistance to cooperatives in the Mayangna communities from an MLR cocoa technician. Work will continue on the establishment of the community nursery with cocoa plants, precious woods and medicinal herbs; the hiring of young people from the territory continues to be a priority according to the company’s demand.


Pillars of our operation


Impact investment

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