Inicio | The contribution of MLR Forestal to sports and to the students of the communities

The contribution of MLR Forestal to sports and to the students of the communities

14 September, 2021
MLR Forestal women's soccer sport Siuna
MLR Forestal is a company interested in supporting sport, especially women's sport.

For five years MLR Forestal has collaborated with athletes from neighboring communities and it does so with an important objective. “Our support, more than a material benefit, is a contribution so that our youth, both men and women, can be immersed in hobbies that prevent alcoholism, drug use and teenage pregnancy,” says Mabel Lazo, head of management social of MLR.

In the area of Social Management, the company, as part of community relations, has a donation program and, when a team is organized in neighboring towns, they can request help. Lazo comments that what is generally required are uniforms, sports equipment, and balls for baseball and soccer. However, softball and futsal are also practiced today.

“Right now we are going to give uniforms to a futsal team from the Flor de Pino school, from La Bú junction, and they are a team of teenagers, women, most of them from high school. I am excited because it is one of the first women’s teams organized in the community and young women are being taken into account,” Lazo said.

MLR Forestal collaborates with four teams. One team of dominoes at the Siuna level who were given shirts to compete at the regional level in Laguna de Perlas; two men’s and women’s futsal teams and one baseball team.

Two trophies adorn the company’s offices

Two trophies stand out at the MLR Forestal offices in Siuna. One, the oldest and largest, was delivered by the team that won the runner-up in softball at the municipal level. While the most recent is from soccer champions. The person in charge of social management says that those who won “are young people from the Emplame (junction), but they are also workers in the infrastructure area who were in a league, they won first place and to show their gratitude they brought us the trophy. We gave them uniforms and transportation because they had to travel to the town of El Pijibay, which is an hour away. The team and the fans went ”.

Four students begin their professional internships at MLR Forestal

On the other hand, this September the company opened its doors to four students from the National Technological Institute (INATEC) headquarters in Siuna who are going to carry out their professional internships. “These boys are finishing their technical career in Agricultural and Forestry Engineering. We held a welcome meeting with the forestry, cocoa and monitoring areas, which are the ones who are going to make sure that they comply with the 220 working hours. Here we are going to provide them lodging, food and the benefits of a field worker as it is part of our contribution to the region and to the educational community, “said Mabel Lazo.

Of the four students, three are originally from rural communities in Siuna and one is from Bonanza.


Pillars of our operation


Impact investment

We promote investments in the Northern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua that generate quality jobs, stimulate the economy, increase the knowhow of the labor force and recover the area's forestry vocation.


Promoting sustainability

We develop highly productive agroforestry systems for teak plantations, and cocoa plantations in association with teak, neither sacrificing the environment nor the well-being of future generations.


Community development

We practice intercultural social responsibility with the mestizo and indigenous communities neighboring our operation, through investment in the region's social capital and respect for indigenous peoples.