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MLR conservation areas studied by the Humboldt Center

27 December, 2021
Personnel from the Humboldt Center and MLR measure the protection areas of the agroforestry company.
Personnel from the Humboldt Center and MLR measure the protection areas of the agroforestry company.

Conservation areas are so important to MLR that now a consultancy with the Humboldt Center seeks to analyze and improve them. The study will last for four months and began in November with the establishment of 16 permanent monitoring plots.

Each permanent monitoring plot was established on an area of one square kilometer and are being monitored to see what condition they are in. “Every year the development of that area will be evaluated. This will be done thanks to the fact that each tree in these plots is labeled with an aluminum plate and has a unique numbering so that it is not lost and can be easily identified to assess its development”, explained Abiecer Soza, head of Biodiversity Management of MLR.

The measurement of the diameter of the trees is a key point to know the status of the MLR Forestal protection areas.

MLR in accordance with conservation strategies applied worldwide

Marcos Castillo, Natural Resources officer of the Humboldt Center is in charge of directing the consultancy. He explains that, due to the impact of hurricanes Eta and Iota that occurred in November 2020, some of the protection areas functioned as a buffer and are a bit battered. “Therefore, based on the results of the studies, recommendations will be made for management, to enhance natural regeneration, efficient development, and so on,” he added.

Castillo pointed out that MLR’s work “is in line with what is done worldwide, with the conservation strategy, landscape restoration, sustainable and environmentally friendly companies that maintain biodiversity and promote connectivity between landscapes and their improvement ”.

The visit of Víctor Campos, director of the Humboldt Center, last February and his tour of the protection areas together with the company authorities generated the idea of the consultancy that is now carried out in 14 of the 16 farms of MLR Forestal . Currently the protected areas cover 1,453.63 hectares, representing 28 percent of the total hectares of MLR.


Pillars of our operation


Impact investment

We promote investments in the Northern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua that generate quality jobs, stimulate the economy, increase the knowhow of the labor force and recover the area's forestry vocation.


Promoting sustainability

We develop highly productive agroforestry systems for teak plantations, and cocoa plantations in association with teak, neither sacrificing the environment nor the well-being of future generations.


Community development

We practice intercultural social responsibility with the mestizo and indigenous communities neighboring our operation, through investment in the region's social capital and respect for indigenous peoples.