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Sumideros de carbono

How forestry helps in the fight against climate change

Forestry and reforestation are important mechanisms of carbon absortion

Forests and forest plantations, what´s the difference?

And why forest plantations are important in the fight against climate change?

Relationship agreement between MLR Forestal and GTI Matumbak enters a new phase

MLR Forestal and the Mayangna Arungka Matumbak Indigenous Territorial Government (GTI) took a further step in the realization of the Relationship Agreement by holding a working session in December 2020 with authorities from the Pansuhwas, Mukuswás and Ispayulilna communities in Bonanza. This agreement introduces a new dynamic of understanding between a private company and neighboring…

MLR forest plantation in Nicaragua is home to at least 72 species of butterflies

Entomologist recommends that the richness of the fauna and flora that develop in the plantation be documented “there is more to learn,” he says. MLR Forestal’s plantation is located on lands that were deforested for many years In July 2017, and over the course of a week, 16 special traps made with a mixture of…

The multiple environmental benefits of forest plantations

Investment and economic development are generally thought to come at a cost to the environment, but companies that have invested in forest plantations are helping to halt the advance of the agricultural frontier while protecting soils, water sources. and biodiversity Forest plantations are business alternatives that help curb the accelerated loss of natural forests. In…

Wind Power Must Now Contend with Extreme Weather

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